Apraximations App… Free Version Available Now

The free version of Apraximations is live on the App Store today!  Yay.  I am so excited.  With the free version you will receive the Mouth Cues Drill portion which uses real life mouth pictures as visual cues for each phoneme in the English language.  Each mouth cue picture...

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Speech Sound Hand Cues

Overview video showing how to use my Speech Sound Hand Cues. These are great for treating children with any speech disorder, but specifically for treating children with Apraxia of Speech. To purchase my picture cues that go along with these visual cues, go to https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Speech-Sound-Cards-1233485

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bust the thrust


BUST THE THRUST: The Premier Solution for Tongue Thrust Therapy Over the past few years I have had SO many questions about treating tongue thrust.  I have come to the realization that training on tongue thrust treatment is lacking in many speech and language pathology graduate programs.  I was...

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choosing therapy targets

  I have a very simple and concise form to help determine therapy targets when working with children who have Apraxia of speech. This form is incredibly useful to me.  It helps me track my clients’ progress as well as guides me through choosing therapy targets during each session....

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Client Christmas Present

Speech Client Christmas Present Idea

Okay.  I have officially been the worst blogger lately.  Not a single post in all of December.  I have so many excuses for it – we celebrated both of my kiddos birthdays during the holidays which made for lots of planning, preparing, and spending time with family and friends....

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8 Tips for Treating Stuttering

I recently had a new client’s mother discuss with me her concerns for some disfluencies (stuttered speech) her son has.  The client’s mother was bothered because other therapists that had worked with her son had said, “We can’t treat it because he never does it around us.” This frustrates...

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tongue thrust checklist

Tongue Thrust Checklist

Happy Halloween internet friends (or I guess it is officially the day after).  I have had many requests for more information about how I treat tongue thrust.  Unfortunately it has taken me a while to get some of this information posted.  I have been pretty busy the last little...

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Tongue Thrust

Since I started my private practice I have received a large amount of tongue thrust referrals.  This is mostly due to the limited coverage of tongue thrust therapy through the school district.  Where I come from – therapists are allowed to treat tongue thrust through the school district if...

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