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A Systematic Approach to Viewing and Treating Apraxia of Speech: Part One- Overview of the Approach

Part One: Overview of the Approach The Systematic Approach for treating apraxia of speech is focused on 6 main points: 1.  Children with apraxia of speech are missing their speech maps.  They must rely simply on muscle memory to remember and repeat speech movements. 2.  Therapy may only need to target movement patterns (2 pure […]

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New Apraxia Flip Book

After my VC and CV apraxia flip books received over 1000 pins through pinterest in a little over a week, I decided to make another flip book combining both of these syllable shapes. So I present to you the CV/VC Apraxia Flip Book. To make your own flip book visit my previous post here. Using the CV/VC flip […]

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Speech and Language Warning Signs

The following are speech and language warning signs that will help determine if a child requires speech and language therapy services.  Please be aware that there is a wide range of normal development.  Not all children will have mastered all of the following skills within the following ages listed.  However, if you find that the […]

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Setting Your Child Up for Success: Top Five Effective Parenting Techniques

I feel extremely blessed to have been given academic training in a field that gave me techniques that I can use during the administration of therapy as well as in my parenting efforts.  I have compiled the top five effective parenting techniques I have acquired through my experiences as a Speech Language Pathologist. Look for […]

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