“I would recommend Miss Alissa to others.  She is amazing and really knows her stuff!  I have been so pleased with the progress my son has made.  The cost of services can always be a factor, but we decided that the benefits definitely outweigh the cost.  My son’s speech, articulation, and communication has improved significantly over the past two years.  He went from NO speech to complete sentences! I appreciate how patient Alissa is on the days when things are a little hard for my son, and he gets a little crazy!  I also specifically like the one-on-one experience he gets, and the time spent preparing for each session.  I am thankful to Alissa.  My son is now able to pronounce words and sentences and is able to communicate his wants and needs.  Thank you!”   Jodi Esplin, mother of 8 year old client Payson, Utah
“We would absolutely recommend Miss Alissa’s services to others.  She is so talented, professional, and very knowledgeable.  She has adapted so well to our son’s specific needs.   And communication regarding schedule changes is a dream.  We have seen our son continue to develop in his speech skills.  We like that Alissa has personal experience with hearing impaired children and really understands where our son is coming from.  We love that we can watch his speech sessions so we can follow-up with the same techniques at home.  Through these private speech therapy services our son has demonstrated greater confidence in communicating with others.  We have received better at-home instruction for our entire family, and we have learned things to expect in the future with our sons hearing loss issues.  It is nice to feel like we matter.  Someday our son won’t need speech anymore, but until that day, we wouldn’t want to do speech therapy anywhere else!” Melissa Blake, mother of 5 year old client Provo, Utah .
“After my child began speech therapy at Utah’s Communication Connection I found that he started learning right from the beginning.  I like the one-one-one attention and the specific lessons given to my child.  I love being able to observe each lesson.  I have learned a lot myself about how to work with my child and help him succeed.  The biggest benefit has been my child’s increase in confidence while communicating with others and thinking about how he says things.  I would definitely recommend the speech therapy services from Utah’s Communication Connection to others.  Alissa knows how to work with my child and does so well with him.  He always looks forward to going.  I’m also impressed with how much success he has had and how much he has improved in such a short amount of time.  I am grateful to Alissa for working with my energetic boy – he enjoys it and I love watching him learn.”    Melissa Draper, Mother of 4 year old client Payson, Utah
“When I realized my daughter needed help with her speech I was intimidated at first.  I was scared to call around and did not know what I needed.  I was also nervous about the cost of services – but it has been worth every penny!  My experience with Utah’s Communication Connection has been great.  I am figuring out how to help my child at home by watching the therapy sessions.  My daughter is having more conversations knowing she is more understandable.  Miss Alissa is the best.  My daughter loves speech and looks forward to it.  I was worried she wouldn’t cooperate but she does.  Alissa is so great with kids – not all therapists are.  I love that I watch from another room – my daughter does better that way!  My daughter now has better communication with everyone (family, extended family, friends, preschool teacher, etc.).  She has more confidence trying all sorts of things.  She is also much more interested in reading and sounds – she was hesitant to sound out words before but is not afraid to try anymore.  I highly recommend the services offered by Utah’s Communication Connection.  In fact, I have already recommended Alissa to many others (including my pediatrician in Payson) because she is so great with kids and prepared.  The entire hour is full of learning and practice.  I know Alissa plans ahead and works something out JUST FOR MY CHILD!  I am so glad we found Alissa.  It has made a HUGE difference in just a few months.”    Meagan Nelson, Mother of 3 year old client Spanish Fork, Utah .
“I would absolutely recommend Alissa’s speech services to others.  The improvements I have seen have made it all worthwhile.  I have seen major improvements in my child’s communication and confidence.  I especially love the one-on-one teaching.  She offers a comfortable environment which allows for easy learning.  The video set-up allows me as a parent to learn how to teach while at home.  I also like that she teaches with games to make learning fun.  I am so thankful for her patience with my son.  She is always calm and encouraging , and her cheerful style makes the learning process effective. “   Jackie Wimmer, mother of 3 year old client Santaquin, Utah
“I would absolutely recommend Miss Alissa to others.  I think Alissa is great and her setup works with my other kids as well.  It’s very structured, but my son still has so much fun.  My son’s speech has improved dramatically since starting.  I like that Alissa doesn’t just focus on the sounds, but the underlying issues that may be causing the errors.  As a mom I am able to pick up on some of the errors since I can watch the sessions.  My son does a good job at staying focused since Alissa keeps him on task.  We have been very happy coming here.  It has really been a blessing for us to find Miss Alissa. “   Sherry Berrett, mother of 7 year old client Salem, Utah
“I would definitely recommend Alissa’s speech therapy services to others.  I know it is because of her that my son has come so far so fast!  My son has progressed and people (even outside of family) can understand him now.  I specifically like how she targeted his weakest areas and concentrated on those areas until they became easier.  I love the viewing area – it helps to be able to bring other kids with me when I come.  I also love the flexible schedule and that fact that Miss Alissa is so good at her job.  I can’t thank her enough for her patience and structured atmosphere.  I have loved coming and loved watching my son learn and grow.”   Jennie Carter, mother of 4 year old client Goshen, Utah
“After beginning speech therapy services at Utah’s Communication Connection, I noticed a definite improvement in my child’s speech.  I love the one-on-one interaction the most.  My child is starting to speak and answer so much more.  He loves playing the fun games.  Miss Alissa is always prepared and is very knowledgeable and relates so well to my child.” Katie Holt, Mother of 4 year old client Payson, Utah
“My son loves coming to speech.  He believes in himself now!  I like the one-on-one attention and the fact that I can see what is going on to help him myself!  My son has overcome his speech problem faster than anyone thought he would and as a parent I am truly so happy about this!  I would recommend these services to others.  Alissa is great with kids.  She makes my son feel special and that he can overcome this.  Alissa is wonderful and I am truly grateful to her.”   Alisha Peacock, Mother of 7 year old client Santaquin, Utah
“Alissa is a great speech teacher.  She is great with my daughter.  She plays fun games and at the same time gets her to work on her speech.  She does a lot of praising which really works for my daughter.  We love coming to speech!”   Katie Leonard, Mother of 5 year old client Santaquin, Utah
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