Blog Changes

First off I would like to thank all my new internet friends who have chosen to follow my blog.  Secondly, as blogging is somewhat new to me I have been learning a lot over the last few months.  One of the things that has bothered me is the lack of organization of my blog.  I love adding posts and creating an environment where we can share therapy ideas, but I want those ideas to be easily accessible and searchable.  Because of this I will be making a few changes to my blog.  I will be pulling all of the information off of my “Pages” and adding them into the “Home” post feed.  I will then use my “Pages” to provide links to my posts so that you will be able to search through the material easier.  Hopefully this makes sense and the transition will be easy.  I may be posting things that you have already read, and will have quite a few posts at once – so please disregard them if you are a follower and have already read them.

Thanks for your patience during my blog transition!!!

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