FREE Visual Cue Flip Book

Slide11For those of you who are familiar with my blog – you will know that I LOVE flip books.  I use apraxia flip books all the time in therapy and love the versatility they provide.

I recently put together another flip book – this time focusing on visual cues (or pictures of the mouth as it makes different movements).  The best part about this flip book is that it is as versatile (if not more) than my other flip books.  Using the visual cues in the flip book format allows you to provide visual cues for all phonemes (consonants, vowels, dipthongs) as well as many simple words or word combinations.

At the end of the document I have provided you with some examples of how to use the visual cues flip book – but be sure to experiment and come up with your own sound combinations or words that you want to target.

Be sure to visit my blog post here on how to create a flip book using a printed document. Good luck!!!

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  • Thank you! Although I’m not using this for apraxia, it is a great visual placement cue for my pt. with aphasia. Great resource!

  • This is wonderful to have. Thank you so much.

  • I love this! Thank you for sharing!


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