Apraximations App… Free Version Available Now

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The free version of Apraximations is live on the App Store today!  Yay.  I am so excited.  With the free version you will receive the Mouth Cues Drill portion which uses real life mouth pictures as visual cues for each phoneme in the English language.  Each mouth cue picture card provides you with:

  • a real life picture of a mouth producing the sound
  • phonetic transcription of the sound
  • an example word that uses the sound
  • an icon along with a matching symbol to show the sound’s voicing characteristics
  • an icon along with a matching symbol to show the sound’s manner characteristics
  • an icon to show the sound’s placement characteristics
  • the audio of the sound being produced

With the Free Mouth Cues Drill portion of the app you can target the following sounds: uh, aw, ahh, ee, oo, ouh, eh, ih, m, n, ng, h, f, v, s, z, sh, zh, th, TH, l, r, ch, j, p, b, t, d, k, g.

This full version of the app is meant to offer a systematic progression of speech targets (from word approximations to true words and sentences) for children suffering with any kind of speech impairment, but especially those who have Apraxia of Speech.  To learn more about Apraximations – check out my post here.

I hope you enjoy it!


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