Back to School: Speech and Language Screener after Summer

This is the first official year that I am not going back to work at the school district.  I have worked super hard at building up my private practice and have so many clients that I no longer have enough time to work for the district as well.  I am proud of this accomplishment – but I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness as the beginning of the school year is almost here – and I am not going to be a part of it.  I loved my job at the school district and will miss it dearly.  I am flooded with memories of the craziness that comes with the beginning of the school year.  Scheduling, paperwork, organizing files, setting up classrooms, planning therapy, etc.  This time of the year is both exciting and exhausting for any school based SLP.  It is great to get back into the groove and see your kids again after the summer break.  It is awesome to see kids come back who have maintained their progress from the year before – or even made more of their own progress throughout the summer.

I am providing you with a “Speech and Language Screener after Summer” in order to help you catch up with your kiddos and gather speech/language information simultaneously.

Screener after Summer

Good luck to you all and have a happy school year!!!


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  • You offer terrific practical, easy and functional techniques, templates, worksheets and resources for your fellow SLP’s. Thank you and congratulations on gaining total financial independence in this extraordinary field. Keep them coming, we are anxiously awaiting more updates and tips.

  • This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing it!


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