Speech and Language Warning Signs

The following are speech and language warning signs that will help determine if a child requires speech and language therapy services.  Please be aware that there is a wide range of normal development.  Not all children will have mastered all of the following skills within the following ages listed.  However, if you find that the […]

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Setting Your Child Up for Success: Top Five Effective Parenting Techniques

I feel extremely blessed to have been given academic training in a field that gave me techniques that I can use during the administration of therapy as well as in my parenting efforts.  I have compiled the top five effective parenting techniques I have acquired through my experiences as a Speech Language Pathologist. Look for […]

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Top Ten Techniques to Teach /s/

 The TOP TEN techniques to teach /s/  1.  DETERMINE THE PROBLEM… The most common problems producing /s/ correctly are as follows: a. Inability to produce the /s/ at all. (See tips 2 and 3) b. Can say the /s/ all by itself, but omits it from words or conversation. (See tips 4 and 5) c. […]

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